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Safe and comfortable
HUD windshield Heating glass Hydrophobic glass Soundproof glass Electrochromic
Ordinary windshield
  • Reduce the frequency of the driver looked down to see the instrument
  • Avoid outside interference distract the driver, increasing the reaction rate
  • Release eyes, Imagine driving, and improve comfort and security-type

has been supporting models:Cadillac ATS Audi A6

  • Available clip wire heating, heating coating, printing heating
  • Rain and fog to provide a clear vision, improve driving safety type

has been supporting models: BMW Mini Land Rover Freelander Russia VW POLO

  • Greatly improve the car's vision and visibility rain
  • Easy to remove dirt on automotive glass, clay, wax, oil and other contaminants impede vision glass
  • Easy to remove ice winter glass, frost, snow
  • Provide a clearer vision, and improve comfort and security-type

has been supporting models: BMW Mini Land Rover Freelander Russia VW POLO

  • By absorption of acoustic PVB noise, reduce engine, tire friction, dry wind noise and other incoming car, for the most uncomfortable hearing the human auditory range 1000 ~ 4000HZ can reduce 5 ~ 10db of noise
  • Weight loss, to ensure the noise reduction effect of the premise, you can use the thinner glass
  • Explosion, improve anti-knocking sandwich side window of time, so that passengers have enough time to react with self-protection
  • UV protection, UV penetration can be controlled within 5%

has been supporting models: Toyota Crown Cadillac STS new Passat Audi A6 Toyota Corolla new Audi Q5

  • Electricity regulator transmittance, personalized and increase privacy
  • Sandwich configuration, enhanced security type

has been supporting models:Toyota Crown Cadillac STS new Passat Audi A6 Toyota Corolla new Audi Q5

Low-carbon environment
Coated Glass Solar Glass
Ordinary glass
  • In the car, slowing the car temperature
  • Sun, radiation, energy saving
  • Reduce night driving glare stimulation, and improve comfort and security type
  • Reflected energy, cool

has been supporting models: Land Rover Aurora

Solar Glass
Solar Glass
  • By solar energy into electricity for the car to provide energy
  • When you can stop, the power to provide energy for charging the car, automatically adjust the interior temperature
  • Improve comfort and reduce fuel consumption

has been supporting models: BYD F3

Integrated assembly
Panoramic sunroof Integrated Modular Hemming Edging out Adhesion Hemming Injection Hemming
Panoramic sunroof
Panoramic sunroof
  • Maximize broaden their horizons, sitting in the car can be above the panoramic views, like being in nature
  • Front and rear seat has skylights feeling excellent lighting effects to bring clearer occupants mood
  • Ventilated
  • Sandwich of glass, with better security and excellent sound effects
  • Stylish, personalized strong

has been supporting models:.... Land Rover Aurora VOLVO V40 version of the Mondeo 福特欧 new Octavia Shanghai Volkswagen Volkswagen Tiguan

  • Achieve multifunctional glass parts
  • Integration of multiple automotive parts in one
  • Improve the accuracy of the various components with increased shapes, sizes overall stability
  • Improve the efficiency of automobile assembly line assembly

has been supporting models:..... Mercedes-Benz C-CLASS Audi Q5 BMW X1 Aurora Land Rover Range Rover Range Rover Sport

Edging out
  • Achieve multifunctional glass parts
  • Simple and elegant design, the exposed edge glass design of the typical technology program, loading simple and beautiful
  • Design and development cycle is short, low tooling costs

has been supporting models:.. Volkswagen Tiguan Volkswagen Lavida sedan a Pentium

Adhesion Hemming
  • Achieve multifunctional glass parts
  • Material selectivity wide
  • Mold Tooling low development cost, short development cycle

has been supporting models:. Land Rover Freelander Volvo S40 S80 Mercedes GLK300 Audi A4

  • Easy with the car frame design needed to achieve a variety of cross-sectional shape edging, can compensate for fluctuations in the assembly of the body
  • Edging strip and glass bonding firm, car rubber can be directly hit the side of the package
  • Mold injection molding, good form stability, high dimensional accuracy
  • Integration of various types of functional accessories

has been supporting models: Nissan Teana Benz W204 General Lu Zun new Ford Focus Ford Mondeo Range Rover

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